Ash Grove Home Strong Foundations
Lester T. Sunderland
Joined the Company as Vice-President in 1909
Named President in 1913
Chairman of the Executive Committee from 1946 - 1955

The Ash Grove Cement Company started in 1882 in Ash Grove, Missouri, under the name Ash Grove White Lime Association. The lime that was produced there was used for construction and sanitary purposes. In 1908 Ash Grove opened its first cement plant in Chanute, Kansas. A year later, Lester T. Sunderland joined the company, starting a dynamic family tradition of commitment, dependability, and customer service that is still evident to the present day.

Today Ash Grove is the largest American-owned producer of cement and the sixth largest producer of cement in the United States. The Company has continued to grow throughout the years and now consists of eight cement plants and two deep water import terminals. In addition, Ash Grove has subsidiaries consisting of ready-mix companies, aggregate companies, packaged materials companies, and a paving company.

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