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A Sustainable Approach To Business
When we set out in 2006 to formalize our environmental, health and safety sustainability program, participate in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Cement Sustainability Initiative, establish our five-year, 2007-2012 goals, and track progress toward those goals according to ISO 14001 requirements, the cement industry was strong. By the end of 2009, cement demand in the U.S. had dropped by 40 percent from 2006 levels.

We focused our attention throughout the recession to strategic investments in more efficient plants and emission control technologies needed to comply with environmental regulations; to producing a high-quality product at the lowest practical cost; to the training and development of our dedicated employees; to managing effectively in a period when record-low demand reduced operations in our plants, limiting our ability to perform at optimal efficiency.

And, we worked to meet the ambitious sustainability goals we set for our company. 2012 marked the last year of a five-year program to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and actively seek ways to enhance the sustainability of our operations. We are pleased to have met nearly all of the goals we set out in 2007.

Ash Grove is committed to balancing the economic, societal and environmental impacts of our business. Sustainable operations make good business sense and as a 130-year plus company, we are in it for the long haul. We established the following goals to build on what has been achieved in the previous five years.

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