Ash Grove Home Strong Foundations

Sustainability means building for today and tomorrow without depleting future resources. It seeks to balance the economic, social, and environmental impacts of society’s actions, recognizing that population growth will continue.

Ash Grove management and other leaders in the cement industry believe concrete is an important product in achieving sustainable development.

Environmental stewardship includes lowering emissions and other environmental impacts related to Ash Grove’s operations. It incorporates land use practices and appropriate consideration of climate protection issues.

Social responsibility stewardship focuses on employees and plant communities. The aim is to provide employee well-being through improved health and safety practices and general job satisfaction. Plant community enhancements of quality of life are being achieved through local stakeholder dialogues and activities that support plant communities.

Economic prosperity begins by assuring that all who have a relationship with Ash Grove – employees, customers, local communities, and shareholders – experience sustainable economic prosperity. Included in this area are approvals by local communities and regulatory agencies that permit Ash Grove to operate plants.

Nearly a decade ago, Ash Grove’s Board of Directors adopted environmental and health and safety policy statements based on the company’s strategic intent and management priorities.

The policies reflect that both regulatory compliance and environmentally responsible operation of facilities are necessary for long-term success and acknowledge that proactive corporate citizenship requires attention to the operating and management details that may affect the health and welfare of employees, neighbors, and customers.

Ash Grove Cement Company’s commitment to environmental protection, employee health and safety, responsible business practices, and corporate citizenship is one that is demonstrated every day as Ash Grove’s facilities are operated according to the directors’ health and safety policies.

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