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Portland Cement Association’s Cement and Concrete Basics

Type I
Type I cement is widely used for all kinds of concrete construction including pavements, building foundations, bridges, floors, and various precast concrete products. Some ready-mixed concrete producers add admixtures to meet specific job requirements.

Type I-II
Type I-II meets the specification requirements for both ASTM C150 Type I and Type II, the most widely used type for all kinds of concrete construction.

Type III
This cement provides high strengths at an early age. It is chemically and physically similar to Type I cement, except that its particles have been ground finer. It is used when forms need to be stripped as soon as possible or when the structure must be put into service quickly.

Type II-V Cement
This type of cement gains strength more slowly than Type I cement and is used only in concrete exposed to severe sulfate attack - principally where soils or groundwaters have a high sulfate content. This cement is particularly effective for structures such as sewage treatment plants and septic tanks.

Duracem® F
Duracem F is an ASTM C595 blended cement that also meets ASTM C1157 performance specifications made with 25% Class F flyash interground. It mitigates alkali silica reactivity in concrete, reduces chloride permeability, increases sulfate resistance, and improves ultimate strength.
Duracem® F Chanute brochure(PDF)
Duracem® F Louisville brochure(PDF)

Durapoz® F
Durapoz® F is an interground performance enhanced pozzolan made from Class F fly ash for High Performance Concrete. The product is designed to mitigate alkali silica reactivity and provide exceptional sulfate resistance and reduced chloride permeability while attaining improved ultimate flexural and compressive strengths.
Durapoz® F Data Sheet

DURA SLAG is a slag cement or a ground granulated blast furnace slag, which has hydraulic cement properties. Using slag cement as replacement for a portion of the portland cement can enhance plastic and hardened properties of concrete. DURA SLAG meets specifications in ASTM C989 Grade 100 and AASHTO T302.
DURA SLAG™ Data Sheet

Geocem® AG
Geocem® AG is an effective soil stabilizer composed of an intimate blend of Portland cement and high-lime kiln dust for decreasing the plasticity, swell properties, susceptibility to erosion and increase the load bearing capacity of a wide range of clay soils.

Type N Masonry
ASTM C91 Type N Masonry cement is a mixture of portland cement, finely ground mineral materials and special admixtures. It excels in all the qualities inherent in a fine masonry cement: workability, sand-carrying capacity, adhesiveness, water retention, and setting time.

Type S/N Masonry
Lab tests show excellent bond strength and adhesion with masonry units, resulting in less droppage waste and high water retention that resists rapid loss of moisture from the mortar, reducing the need for retempering.

Oil-Well Cement
This hydraulic cement is suitable for use under high pressure and temperature. It is used in sealing water and gas pockets and setting casing during the drilling and repair of wells. Since it is slow-setting and resistant to high temperatures and pressures, it is ideal for these highly specialized purposes.

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