Health & Safety

Committed to a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Ash Grove protects employees with an active health and safety management system with its eight cement manufacturing plants; subsidiaries; Portland, Oregon, limestone plant; and the Houston, Texas, and Rivergate, Oregon, port terminals to ensure a safe work environment. The system includes audits, compliance management, injury prevention and training.



Each facility develops and implements a health and safety plan tailored to its unique needs to guide efforts at preventing injuries, illnesses and property damage.

Included in the programs is a focus on behavior-based safety where frontline supervisors, employees, contractors, vendors and visitors give feedback to reinforce safe behaviors and reduce the chance of injury. Each plant also applies behavioral and engineering approaches to ergonomics to reduce and prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

In each facility a full-time health and safety manager coordinates and facilitates company health and safety programs and processes. Each year there is a company-wide, plant-level safety performance recognition with bronze, silver and gold Ash Grove Safety Leadership Awards.



Ash Grove’s S.A.F.E. – Serious Accident and Fatality Elimination – program, is a long-term commitment to eliminate serious injuries, fatalities and close calls as well as events that could result in a significant loss of materials, equipment or property.



Employees are taught to recognize eight potentially harmful forms of energy and to assess each work situation using five questions:

  1. What is the job?

  2. What energy is involved?

  3. Where is the energy going?

  4. How will we manage the energy for a safe job?

  5. What are the specific Stop-the-Job Triggers?

The technique of hazard recognition also contributes to the company’s risk assessment / risk management efforts.



Each facility creates a Risk Register and assigns specific work tasks a baseline risk score. Further evaluation through a more thorough risk assessment process identifies solutions to risk exposures by applying the principle of Hierarchy of Controls. As controls are implemented, facilities earn risk reduction points as an indicator or overall risk management.



The Health Bridge is a nurse case management firm that helps direct the treatment of an employee’s illness or injury. In addition, an occupational therapist worked with Ash Grove to develop 22 “Bridge Assignments” for recuperating employees. The OUR (Optimum Utilization of Resources) System returns employees to meaningful work in a transitional duty assignment while staying within doctor-assigned restrictions.



Employees who are injured sufficiently to interfere with their ability to perform their normal job duties enter into the company’s transitional duty system. Through professionally developed Bridge Assignments, employees return to work in assignments that match their restrictions. Employees progress through assignments in a form of work hardening until they can return to their normal job functions.