We make cement that helps build America

Our cement goes into concrete that builds everything from your backyard patio to bridges that span waterways.

Second only to water, concrete is the most consumed material in the world and portland cement is the primary ingredient in concrete, serving to bind the aggregates and sand that make up concrete. As the largest, American-owned cement company, Ash Grove leads the way in achieving sustainable cement manufacturing in our nation.


Products and Services

Ash Grove produces the cement and related products, and expertly provides the technical services, that help our customers consistently meet their projects’ performance requirements.

Environmental Performance

In the last several years, Ash Grove Cement Company led the industry in the discovery, development, acquisition, testing and implementation of new equipment and technologies that continuously meet high standards for emissions monitoring and reduction .


Join us and help Ash Grove Cement Company build America. Find out what makes Ash Grove an Employer of Choice. There could be no stronger foundation to your professional career.